Welcome to the MOOC on Life Skills.  The course will be open for registration from 15th April 2018 onwards. We look forward to having you in the course and thank you for your interest.  

In the age of complexity and turbulence, resulting from unpredictable factors coming together, one must develop the capability to think, strategize, plan, execute & lead successfully. Globalization, digital technology and a new demographic are colluding to create a new environment of complexity and are demanding new ways of thinking. Inculcating & imbibing Life skills in addition to engineering knowledge is essential, desirable & vital in addressing current and future challenges. Engineering is not just about designing, planning, implementing, executing and measuring the impact of various technologies. A good engineer needs to be a perfect amalgamation of the knowledge in his discipline and life skills. Life skills bring tremendous refinement in professionals’ and engineers’ behaviour, prepare them for the change and the way to approach their professional work, job market and finally their life. Inculcating Life skills can make youth, students and engineers more positive in their attitude and will bring overall wellbeing to them. 

The youth, students and engineers will find this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Life Skills more informative and engaging. It will run over six to seven weeks for each Level and requires approximately three to five hours of time each week. Designed to accommodate learners’ busy schedules, the course offers flexibility with options for learning the content. The learner will learn from readings, videos, discussions with co-learners and instructors, meaningful exercises, quizzes and short assignments. Certification is available for those who wish to complete all required exercises and quizzes.


Who should attend this Course

This course is open to All but will bring greater benefits to engineering students and in-service engineers.


Level 1: six weeks

Level 2: six weeks

Course Structure

Course structure under Level I:

Module I: Effective Communication Skills for Engineers - 1 (Basic-LSRW & Non-Verbal Skills)

Module II: Effective Communication Skills for Engineers - 2 (Job Application, Oral Presentation


Module III: Thinking Critically - 1

Module IV: Importance of Ethics in engineering profession 1 - Introduction & evolution

Module V: Building Leadership Capabilities in Engineers - An introduction

Module VI: Effective Leadership - Models, Traits and Qualities


Course structure under Level II:

Module I: Effective Communication Skills for Engineers - 3 (Interview Skills and Group


Module II: Effective Communication Skills for Engineers - 4 (Report Writing and Technical


Module III: Thinking Critically – 2

Module IV: Teamwork and Group Dynamics

Module V: Engineering ethics 2 –Codes & standards and Case Studies

Module VI: Engineering ethics 3 – (Accuracy and rigour; Honesty and integrity; Respect for life, law and public good)

Module VII: Models or approaches of leadership



Qualifying students will be given certificates based on their involvement and performance. Participation certificate and Completion certificate will be issued by Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA).



Course Details


Level 1: six weeks

Level 2: six weeks (Coming Soon)

Language: English

Pre-requisites: None

Registration: Starts on 15th April 2018 for Level 1

Level 1 Starts On: 15th May 2018 


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Course Team


Dr. K Balasubramanian 
Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada

Dr. Venkataraman Balaji
Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada

Prof. T V Prabhakar
IIT Kanpur, India

Dr. Shahid Rasool 
CEMCA, New Delhi, India


Prof. I. Ramabrahmam
Dept. of Political Science, University of Hyderabad

Prof. C. Muralikrishna
Dept. of English, Osmania University

Prof. Sunita Mishra
CELS, University of Hyderabad

Dr. G. Padmaja
Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad

Mr. Attaluri Viswanath
Industry Expert


Ramya Chitrapu

Gowd Kiran Kumar 

Course Coordinator

Dr. Manas Ranjan Panigrahi
Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA)
Ph: +91-96501 54010


Technical Support
(IIT Kanpur Team)

Dr. Neeta Singh

Ms. Revathy K T

Mr. Aditya Vadlamani

Ms. Aparna Gaikwad

Mr. Deepak Kumar

Mr. Abhishek Shukla

Mr. Avinash Karnick

Ms. Sugatha Chaturvedi